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Why SockTips

SockTips' innovative design improves form-fitting in the shoe toe-box, thereby enhancing shoe comfort and reducing shoe-toe creasing in a variety of footwear.  Apply SockTips over an existing sock or flip to wear barefoot with flats and sandals. 

Each SockTip is manufactured of a resilient 97/3% polyester/spandex blend that promotes moisture wicking and lasting color, and are hand-cut and hand-finished using proven manufacturing techniques.

SockTips are perfect in a variety of applications, including:



SockTips are a pefect complement to your sought-after sneakers, providing ideal means to reduce creasing in the shoe toe-box.  Apply SockTips over an existing sock to increase padding in the shoe areas prone to developing creasing.  In certain applications a user may wish to wear two pairs of SockTips for even more crease-reducing action, e.g., in the case of wide-styled footwear.  Why experience the discomfort of wearing your fresh kicks with the tissue still in the toe (and walking like a duck) when you can protect your investment with SockTips?



Through product development and testing, SockTips were found to provide several performance-related benefits in the athletic realm.  Users have described SockTips form-fitting, sweat-wicking, and padding features as providing enhanced shoe comfort and reduced toe-blistering in high-impact sports, for example in tennis, soccer, bootcamp classes, cycling, boxing, and even golf.  No longer is there a need to wear two pairs of full socks now that you have SockTips.



Perfect for men's oxfords to lady's dress boots and heels (flip SockTips to wear with heels and flats).  SockTips have been found to prevent common foot pains associated with breaking-in dress shoes while at the same time prolonging your shoes' aesthetic appeal.  Users have commented that SockTips' padding and sweat-wicking action in the toe-box is perfect for reducing bunion pains and corns, while helping to keep feet fresh during the workday.  Why wear sticky toe-pads and awkward socks or sacrifice shoe style when you can comfort your feet with SockTips?



SockTips also provide crease-reducing and enhanced comfort benefits in casual footwear, including boots and certain shoe styles that lend themselves to bare feet or no-show sock wear (e.g., boat shoes, flats, and sandals).  SockTips can be flipped and applied to a bare foot to promote comfort and shoe cleanliness in such application, keeping your casual shoes fresh.



SockTips' increased padding and sweat-wicking action have been found to reduce pains and discomfort associated with certain foot ailments, for example, bunions, corns, and hammertoes.  SockTips can be worn with most any footwear and can complement the comfort benefits of existing socks and orthotics. 

Other Uses 


Some users have found SockTips to be useful for non-footwear applications.  For example, SockTips have been used to hold keys and pocket change while at the gym, beach, or pool.  What other creative ways can you use SockTips?